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Delivery Services

Same Day Delivery

Scheduled pick up for same day delivery

We work with you to define a regular, scheduled time to pickup packages for delivery based on your needs.

This might be same day home deliveries of online orders or scheduled wholesale distribution to retail customers. We can also handle inventory/replenishment moves between multiple locations.

Fractional Rider

Add distribution capacity when you need it.

We deploy a rider (or fleet of riders) to your operation with full capacity to handle whatever you need to load.


Need a rider for a couple hours once per week? or a dedicated rider multiple days a week?

Augment or replace your current delivery vehicles with a reliable and flexible solution.

How We Work?

We help you transform your last mile delivery without changing your processes.

We are a last mile carrier that easily plugs into your current last mile setup, making it smarter & more flexible. You don’t have to change any processes and you can easily scale up and down with us.


Consumers want fast deliveries exactly when they want them, at a low cost, and with a smile. To achieve this we need to work as smartly and efficiently as possible.

We Handle Large Volumes of Parcels

We easily handle large volumes of parcels. Our unique formula with smart processes, digital services, hyper-local hubs, the most advanced high capacity cargo bikes, and dedicated riders helps you to in a highly efficient way deliver large volumes in an industrialized manner.

Urban hub-and-spoke model

We are all about efficiency. We utilize a 'hub-and-spoke' model and avoid point to point deliveries. We consolidate packages through our two hub locations in Toronto (west and east side).
hub spoke Model.jpg
Orders are picked up before 12PM and are transported to our local hubs. Route optimization software generates efficient routes for each bike and all packages are delivered throughout our delivery zone, aka the ‘spokes’, by 6PM.

Complete Urban Delivery Solution

Our platform is a complete solution for last mile service demands. You sell products and we deliver them with the best customer experience possible.

Seamless Integration

We integrate with major e-commerce platforms and excel online. This enables seamless transportation solutions for your customers.

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Real-Time Information

All our bikes are equipped with GPS tracking, allowing every package to be tracked along its journey.

We can notify customers of when they can expect delivery.


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