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We are a last mile carrier that easily plugs into your current last mile setup, making it smarter & more flexible. You don’t have to change any processes and can easily scale up and down with us.

High Capacity and Powerful

State of the art battery and powerful motor combined with large carrying capacity makes for a highly efficient last mile delivery solution.

Volume and Weight Capacity

Our fleet of specialized electric cargo bikes can transport a variety of package sizes and weights. Our fleet is made up of bikes with carrying capacity of up to 850L (30 cubic feet). That's the equivalent to the trunk of a mid size SUV!

Zero Carbon Emissions, Quiet & Efficient

Climate change and neighbourhood livability are the main reasons we developed a zero carbon last mile delivery solution.


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Bike Infrastructure

All our our electric bikes are 'pedal assist;' meaning the electric motor engages only when the cyclist is pedaling. 


Because we only utilize pedal assist bikes, we are able to utilize the extensive bike lane network within the city and bypass city congestion. 

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Safe and Secure

Our entire fleet is fitted with GPS enabled security as well as locked cargo boxes, meaning your deliveries remain secure, clean, and dry during their journey.

Real-Time Information

All our bikes are equipped with GPS tracking, allowing every package to be tracked along its journey.

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