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We’re Changing the Way Urban Deliveries are Done


At nrbi ( we are on a mission to transform urban logistics and create healthier, more liveable cities.

Whether you’re a local independent shop, multi-store business, online retailer, or wholesaler, we can help by providing zero emission deliveries.

We use a fleet of high capacity electric cargo bikes and  microhubs setup throughout the city so we can offer flexible, cost effective and green delivery service.

Why nrbi ?

Zero emission deliveries  Switching deliveries from vans to electric cargo bikes is a real means of fighting climate change and improving the quality of the air we breathe

Better for cities  We use electric  cargo bikes which helps to reduce congestion and create safer, quieter streets -- making for a more liveable city.

Ethical  All our staff are employed directly by nrbi and enjoy the security of a fair wage, which helps create a sense of worth and job satisfaction. Our riders are everything to us.

Better for customers  Our riders provide a great 'doorstep experience' which enhances our customers’ brands. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environment and the impact of home delivery services.

Smarter  Our innovative model is efficient, reliable and flexible. Our dispatch and routing software integrates with e-commerce platforms to deliver a seamless delivery experience for your customers.

Move Your Packages Faster

Move your product out of traffic and to its destination faster with e-cargo bike delivery. Toronto’s expanding cycling infrastructure allows us to avoid congestion and move through the city faster than a typical delivery vehicle.

These are no ordinary bikes!

Babboe and Trio Carlaw 2022-02-01 124859_edited.jpg
High Capacity Electric Cargo Bikes

These are no ordinary bikes!

Each bike can carry up to 450 lbs.

Bike cargo capacity range from 400-850L

We combine:

  • high capacity bikes

  • powerful batteries

  • network of urban depots

  • cutting edge routing technology

  • 'customer centric' team of riders


to deliver a modern, sustainable, urban logistics solution for local businesses.

We Have Big Aspirations

Today's customer demands exceptional service, is environmentally conscious, and appreciates the importance of local businesses in creating a vibrant and liveable city.


We are working to create a modern, sustainable urban delivery solution that works as a seamless extension of local businesses. To this end, nrbi is building Canada's largest fleet of e-cargo bikes and developing state-of-the-art dispatch and route optimization software that takes advantage of multiple urban depots and ultimately ensures packages move swiftly throughout the city.


In Numbers












We’re looking for riders passionate about excellent customer service, cycling, logistics, the environment and liveable cities.

All our riders are employees. We pay a fare wage and guarantee hours. Our riders are everything to us.


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