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Hyper Local Logistics


About nrbi


nrbi provides zero carbon delivery solution for local businesses. Using high capacity electric cargo bikes, nrbi executes B2B and B2C transportation. These are no ordinary bikes! Each bike can carry up to 450 lbs.

We are passionate about providing state of the art logistics solutions to local businesses, while making our city more liveable.

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Hyper Local Delivery

Having your product delivered using a sustainable method of transportation speaks volumes about your company.

All of our riders are passionate about sustainable transportation of goods and supporting small businesses. Complete your delivery with a professional rider that cares about your product and your customer.

Same Day Delivery

Scheduled Pick Up for Same Day Delivery

We work with you to define a regular, scheduled time to pickup packages for delivery based on your needs.

This might be same day home deliveries of online orders or scheduled wholesale distribution to retail customers. We can also handle inventory/replenishment moves between multiple locations.

Fractional Rider

Add Distribution Capacity
When You Need It

We deploy a rider (or fleet of riders) to your operation with full capacity to handle whatever you need to load.

Need a rider for a couple hours once per week? or a dedicated rider multiple days a week?

Augment or replace your current delivery vehicles with a reliable and flexible solution.

Cold Chain

Transport refrigerated and frozen goods

Need to keep it cold? Our specialized bikes are equipped with insulated coolers and continuous temperature tracking.

Rest assured your package will arrive cold.



"Bespoke Butchers provides local, ethical, and sustainable meats. Before nrbi, we had two vans on the road. We now do all our deliveries and inventory moves between stores using nrbi's zero carbon emission delivery service. This form of transport is very much in line with Bespoke's philosophy.

Since we incorporated a fractional rider to our operations, we have reduced both delivery time and costs by over 30%. We consider nrbi's riders an extension of our team."

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